Great photo locations in Denmark

Quick Location Guide

I’ve live in Denmark nearly my whole life, and I have explored a lot of this little country. Specially the peninsula of Jutland where I live. So here are some of my favorite locations, there are also great for photography.
This list is in random order.

Must-see locations in Denmark

1. Bovbjerg Lighthouse & Beach

People come to see the lighthouse, but they stay for the view at the beach. I’ve been here quite often, and when I take friends with me, they always ask me why I go out to the edge for a look at the beach, instead of looking at the ligthouse. Well, lets figure that out below.

Bovbjerg Beach (Ferring Strand)

The lighthouse itself is very pretty, and you can get some nice shots of it without doubt.

But back to why I always go to the edge and looking towards the coastline is simply because it’s a breathtaking view. Specially for Danes it is, because we are not use to high places, and dramatic landscape. Have a look at the photos below and see for yourself.

2. Trelde Næs

This isn’t such a populair place, so you can be lucky to hae this place for yourself. Trelde Næs is the headland at the south-eastern mouth of Vejle Fjord, and here you will find a forest and a gorgeous beach.

The beach

For me it’s the beach I like. Specially flying with my drone in this area if pretty cool. You can get some quite nice top down drone shots, but also portraits. I’ve been here twice with work related jobs, and the photos have turned out so well. Below you can see photos that I’ve shot on this location for some of my clients. 

3. Silkeborg

Silkeborg is a city, but south from the city you will find plenty of big and small lakes sourrounded by forests of coniferous and deciduous trees.
This is one of my top go-to location if I want to shoot forests.

Lakes & Forests

It’s a big area south from Silkeborg City, and there is a lot to explore. Nearly everytime I come here i find something new, that I have not seen before. Visiting this place around autumn, with all the autumn colors is truly magical, so make sure to try that out.

4. Råbjerg Mile (Dunes of Denmark)

Råbjerg Mile is Denmark’s largest walking dune. Yes you read that right, walking dune. It’s moving to east every year a little bit. When you are out in the middle of this dune, it really feels like you are in the desert. If you are visiting Råbjerg Mile on a hot day, it surely feels like you are in sahara desert. Fantastic spot to visit with friends and family, and it’s easy to get to.

Sand, sand & more sand

So much sand everywhere, of course. Here you can get some quite nice shots, that could look like you are in a desert.

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