A hotel with everything to relax


Imagine a hotel with spa, sauna, relaxing environment, fantastic food & great rooms – I’ve just described Hotel Fjordgaarden. This Hotel has everything to offer, and it’s located close the west coast of Jutland, above Ringkøbing fjord.

I were invited by Hotel Fjordgaarden and I took my girlfriend with me to experience this fantastic hotel

Spa & Sauna

One of the most popular thing to do at Hotel Fjordgaarden is of course the spa area. There are one large pool, a smaller one and one on the roof where you can enjoy the great view. All of these pools are heated up to 34°C or 36°C which is perfect temperature to relax at.

There are saunas for everyone here. They have Salt, Finnish, aroma & infrared sauna, and you should try them all.

The spa suite

The spa suite. Just the by the name is sounds great right? – And it is amazing!
A room for yourself, where you can enjoy a relaxed bath. Beverage and snacks are included as well, this was so relaxing.

There are 3 different kinds of bath you can try.
C- Vitaminboost, Milk bath and a A WILD bubble bath.
We tried out the Milk bath, and we were very surprised how great it was. Our skin was so soft and nice afterwards, and we didn’t want to leave the bath because if was so relaxing. Highly recommend to try the Milk bath.

Read more the 3 types of bath here.


Hotel Fjordgaarden has close to 100 rooms in different category so there is something for everyone.
We stayed in the Junior Suite, which is a 50m² room with a “in room tub”. That was pretty cool! Are you interested to see more of all the rooms they have, you can check it out right here: Rooms at Hotel Fjordgaarden

Hygge / Cozy

There is no doubt that you quickly get relaxed being here. The environment is very cozy and has this warm feeling. There are plenty was places to sit and relax, and if you want any beverages you can just push a button and a staff member will come and take your order – that’s pretty nice, and we also took advantage of that.

Just take a look at these cozy photos below here. We could spend all day here.

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