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I’ve been so lucky to received filters from NiSi Optics that I could test out. They asked me if I wanted to test their V7 System and a Variable ND filter. I thought it sounded really interesting, so I said of course, yes please.

I took the filters with me on my trip to Finland (January 2022) so I could test them out properly. Didn’t take me long to figure out, that these filters are absolutely amazing!

V7_ND1000_With_without_02_WITHOUT BEFORE
V7_ND1000_With_without_02_WITH AFTER

2 types of filters

I got 2 types of filters to test out. The V7 System and the Variable ND filter.

Both of them I took with me to Finland, and I took a lot of photos with them. Using these filters definitely improved my photos, specially when I shot photos of water. With eg the Variable ND filter I could bring up the shutterspeed, to create this smooth water. Just like you can see in the above Before/After photo.

To understand what really is the difference between these two filters you can check out the YouTube video I made. See video below here.

High quality

I was surprise of how high the quality are of these filters. The colors are true and the contrast from these filters are just so perfect. Let’s take a look at some specific of each filter.

V7 – 100mm Filter Holder System

  • No vignetting at 15mm on full frame
  • Aluminum CNC-machined construction
  • 360° Free Rotation
  • Allows the use of 3 square filters with circular polarizer

PRO Nano Enhance ND-VARIO (Variable)

  • Reduce Exposure by 1.5-5 Stops/5-9 stops
  • Easily Rotated with The Side Lever
  • Waterproof Nano Coating
  • Ultra Slim Frame and Optical Glass
  • Enhance Color
  • No X Effect

Getting those dreamy shots

Let’s have a look at some of the photos, where I’ve used these filters.
I got a lot of photos from Finland, so will show you some snowy photos right here.


I really like both filters, the V/ and Variable, and I’m going to use them for many upcoming photoshoots – that’s for sure.

Let me know if this review could help you in any way, and if you are considering investing in filters let me know if I can help you.
Feel free to contact me on Instagram and follow my work there as well.

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