Travel & Outdoor Photographer

Hey there, I'm Nicolas.

I’m a photographer, aerial & video content creator from Denmark. Currently, I’m on a journey to capture the unique beauty of every corner of our planet. The blend of my love for photography and passion for travel creates an irresistible combination.

My fascination with photography began at the age of 13 when I first held a camera in my hands, and ever since then, I’ve been captivated by its power to capture moments.

I’m at my creative best surrounded by rugged landscapes—those wild mountains and untamed nature scenes just hit different. Whether I’m exploring the jaw-dropping beauty of Lofoten in Norway or getting lost in the raw wilderness of Iceland, these places fuel my inspiration like no other. Also places like New Zealand holds a cherished place in my heart. It’s vast expanses offer boundless opportunities to immortalize breathtaking moments in time.

Privilege to capture

It was a huge honor for me to become the first photographer from Denmark to be recognized as a ‘Nikon Creator’ for Nikon Europe.
Partnering with Nikon has been a dream of mine for a long time, and I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with such an esteemed brand


I have experience across various domains in digital creation, including graphic design, drone operation, creating social media content, and teaching graphic design.

Media & Graphic Design Teacher

Teaching at a vocational school in Denmark within the areas of Graphic Design, Typography, SoMe, Image Processing, Image Manipulation, Video Editing etc.

Nikon Creator

Working in an exciting collaboration with Nikon Europe to capture amazing photos and videos.

Who I've worked with