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A great trip to Scotland with 2 friends. We drove to Isle of Skye and spent most of the time there.

Check out these landscape and lifestyle photos.

New Zealand

2 month road trip from north part of the island, and all the way down to the south of the south island.

Properly one of the must spectacular places I’ve been to.


A 1 week solo road trip along the south coast of Iceland.

From Reykjavík to Höfn – a beautiful drive with a lot of beautiful scenery.


Silkeborg might just be a little town in the middle of Denmark, but the forest around the city might be, one of the most gorgeous forest there is in Denmark.


Norway has a lot to offer. I drove from Ålesund to Åndalsnes and then to Geiranger. A nice little trip in the area named “Møre og Romsdal”.​